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Electrodeionization Systems

Electrodeionization is a high purity water treatment technology that ultilizes a small amount of electrical current to regenerate resin, rather than large volumes of hazardous chemical.  Agape Water Solutions, Inc. provides EDI (electrodeionization) or CDI (continuous electrodeionization) systems designed to optimize performance and minimize maintenance.  This technology eliminates the hazardous acid and caustic required in chemically regenerated mixed bed ion exchange.  When a DC current is applied to the device,

resin is automatically regenerated at the same time ions are removed to concentrate stream.


The benefits of using electrodeionization are:

The Electrodeionization systems can be pre-engineered or custom engineered.  We design and build privately labeled EDI systems for other water treatment companies.


Ionpure MX and LX Series from 0.25 to 100 gpm:


1lx with pump

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Ionpure VNX Series from 50 gpm to 1000 gpm:


      6vnx agape water solutions

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