We work diligently to provide the best solutions for each individual client.

What we do

We help you get the best industrial water solutions. Our trained personnel check the specific conditions and requirements of your plant.  Our process engineers custom design your system and select specific components and membranes to ensure the most reliable and consistent performance over many years.  Our field service technicians troubleshoot and optimize your systems performance.  We can assist with selecting the right equipment and operational adjustments to get the best results.


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Electrodeionization Modules and Systems

Electrodeionization is also known as EDI, Continuous Deionization (CDI) or Continuous Electro Deionization (CEDI).   The company was founded on the knowledge and expertise of a top expert in the area since 1995.  We have experience with all brands of EDI including Ionpure, GE E-Cell, Dow Filmtec Omexell and others.  We assist other water treatment companies by providing Ionpure modules and custom built EDI power supplies, and we build EDI systems for other water treatment companies as well.

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End Users

We provide custom designed solutions, field service, service contracts and spare parts replacement.  Our customers include Power Plants around the world, as well as many leading Pharmaceutical manufactures, Research Laboratories, electronics and other users that require high purity water.

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December 2016
Agape Water Solutions EDI System using Ionpure VNX-55-EP modules to provide vital demineralization water for 2520 mw and 136.5 mgd IWPP project.  Total EDI flow rate is 1,155 gpm.  read more

September 2016
Agape Water Solutions, Inc. supplies first commercial Nexed Electrodialysis (EDR) system.  The system is used to recover and reuse industrial Reverse Osmosis waste water.  read more

December 2015
Agape Water Solutions, Inc. designed and built the first Nexed Electrodialysis (EDR) pilot system.  The system includes Allen Bradley with PLC controls programmed by Agape Water Solitions with remote monitoring of performance.  read more

September, 2015
Agape Water Solutions, Inc. celebrates 10 years!
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how we can help

We provide you with the best water treatment equipment at the best rates. Whether you require an electrodeionization system or a reverse osmosis system or another water treatment technology, we can provide you with world-class equipment and service. Our water treatment procedures take into consideration Feed Water Contaminants and Product Water Quality Required – Per your process specifications (USP, ASTM, etc.)

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